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Internet Security issues and their ways out

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Today the world of internet is no more a safe world and it can be a weapon of death that kills if care is not taken. In this article I will like to list out seven ways the internet can kill and the way out. Gather is the sponsor for this article visit www.gatheronline.com

The Hacktivist

The hacker activities on the internet have claimed life of many in recent years. The Hacker’s as we know are people that can use the internet to hack into your computer and hack files from your database. From different cases, hackers has been able to hack into different categories of people and companies data base, stealing valuable files and use it for their own good. Just of recent I read a news about two Hackers that hack an ATM machine, they withdraw huge amount of money and ran away with it. When these hackers through the help of internet and botnet get their hands on any information from people they use it to threaten them.

Way Out: The Hackers cannot hack into files that do not exist; they only hack files you save on your drives, be it on the internet drive or on your hard drive. It is advisable that you save all your files that are important to your external drives or removable drive if you have any and keep it in a secure place. Files saved on drive on the internet can get into anybody’s hand without you knowing.

Social Network

The social network can be of great importance in helping people to get connected all around the world through the internet but at the same time it can bring great danger to people on it. The social network helps you connect with new and old people. These people can be good or bad. Recently one girl was raped and killed in her home, the investigation shows that she was traced down from the internet through a social media network to where she lives because she puts her home address on her social network page.

Way Out: Never share your home address with strangers be it when you chat or when you are dating. When i’m talking about address I mean your address, be it email, home, office and other addresses that can make people reach out to you.

Crazy Awareness

The internet in many ways is giving chances to users in helping the world to know them. Through the help of some social network sites people get to notice you quickly and easily but this at the same time can be so dangerous. Some sites that allows videos sharing helps users to upload a video content, rating it by their views. Some years ago group of kids try to do some crazy things and deadly racing stunt to upload it on YouTube so that they can get much views, but unfortunately they passed their life’s in the process of doing it. Poor Kids.

WAY OUT: The internet is not the killer here but the kids because they went to extra mile because of awareness. Please be careful while watching any video stunt to avoid any problem.

Internet Gaming and Gambling

The killers that have been listed in this article are not direct killers but they kill indirectly. Internet gaming and gambling is another internet killer you have to avoid, i will discuss about how they do kill in this heading. Online gambling and gaming has pushed a lot of people into debt and for this reason they end up doing things they are not supposed to do. There are thousand of people out there looking for a way or the other to pay off debts they are owing online but on the long run they end up getting killed or jailed.

Way Out: You should never borrow money or asset to play games or gamble online, set time when you play. When you lose you can quit and when you are winning withdraw quit the game or-else you will end up losing all you have won before or even pay more to settle up.

Online Shopping

Buying goods on the internet can be dangerous if you choose the wrong online store. One the easiest way and fastest way of buying things is on the internet but don’t fall for their tricks because some of this has been a snare for some people. Before you send money or enter your credit card details to shop on the internet you must check out for the site to know if it’s dependable. Fraudsters have duped many and taking huge amount of money from them because they’ve but things from the wrong store.

Way Out: Check to know if the site is trust worthy. Some marketing sites collect their money or swipe your card when they deliver your goods.

Internet Information

As a popular saying says, that to be informed is to be transformed, but wrong information will bring bad or wrong transformation. Many are victim of this; through the help of Google.com information are available to internet users without waste of time but some of this are not from reliable source and some are not true. Some internet users are addicted to Google to the level of asking for drugs to use on it when they are sick. This is very wrong and dangerous to the life of anyone doing it. Wrong information about drugs has claimed the life of many, so beware.

Way Out: Do not acquire any prescription from any doctor online, get your doctor and ask him any question about any information.

Internet Addiction 

Excess of everything is bad likewise the internet. When you stay too much online it may cause some physical damage to your body system. Due to the body posture while browsing or operating the computer the body system experience some physical problem which i will be listing below. 1.) Eyestrain

2.) Headaches

3.) Back pain

4.)  formation of blood clot in the veins.

Way Out: Use your time wisely when you are on the internet. Be time conscious and control how you spend your time.

Brief Comparisons Of Netbooks To Laptops

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If you visit a computer shop, you can find a wide range of laptops, notebooks and netbooks. There are several brands available in the markets which are offering these products at different prices and technologies. However, when buyers want to purchase a new laptop for first the time they usually stick with a question that what is the difference in laptop vs notebook vs netbook and here they become to confuse. This is a very common question about which people ask and in this article I will discuss about it briefly.

Before making the comparison of laptop vs notebook vs netbook I want to make it clear that these three names are not for same product. These products are totally different from one another in terms of technology, price and usage. First of all, if we see the details of laptops, then it will be clear that laptops are a type of mobile computers, which have all functions just like desktop computers. However, laptops have larger size as compare to other mobile computer products. Usually laptops are also costly and have a higher processing capacity with advance technology and a bigger battery with six cells. Laptop is mostly used for professional purpose and people who want to use a computer for professional purpose or want to do some heavy processing task purchase laptops rather than notebook or netbook.

On the other hand, if we see the details of notebooks then we can easily conclude that notebooks are very similar to laptops. There are just two main factors, which differentiate between a laptop and notebook. The first one is its size and second is weight. Usually notebooks are light weighted and have a bit smaller size as compare to laptops. There is not much difference in price of notebooks and laptops as well. However, usually notebooks are somehow cheaper than laptops. Notebooks can also perform heavy functions and fit for professional usage.

Now if you analyze netbook and compare it with notebooks and laptops, then you can judge that there is a lot of difference in netbook and notebook or laptop. Usually netbooks are very small in size and also cheaper. You can say that it is a form of mini laptops. There are many features which don’t exist in netbook and the main one DVD drive. Usually netbooks don’t contain an optical device. The models of netbooks available in the market have very low specifications. A normal netbook contains 1GB of Ram and 1.6 processor with Atom technology. Still, there is no model in netbook which comes in higher specifications as different laptop and notebook models contain. Netbook is just for usual work, which don’t need higher processing.